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Replacement parts for construction and earthmoving equipment.

Florida Engines & Machinery is the Southwest’s industry leader, providing "Competitively Priced", "High Quality" replacement parts for construction and earthmoving equipment.

At Florida Engines & Machinery, we maintain product coverage for a wide range of popular replacement parts for use on equipment manufactured by Caterpillar®, Case®, Komatsu®, Deere®, International® and Hitachi®, along with products for other fine equipment manufacturers

We can provide the most current information available regarding technical support, pricing, and availability.

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  • Benefits

    Value: Our selection of products suitable for all markets makes us a premier partner able to bring together different international experiences with special local needs. Reliability: advanced product design and...

  • Best Quality

    Florida Engines & Machinery carries an extensive range of products to meet your all-makes needs. We understand that you rely on multiple brands of equipment to operate your business. Our...

  • Warranty

    At Florida Engines & Machinery we know the importance of supplying high quality products to our customers. We have built a reputation in the industry for providing the best overall...

Project details

  • Mining Components

    As we work to become one organization with a full range of mining solutions, our focus is on providing customers uninterrupted service and equipment supply. We currently stock final drives, suspension cylinders, torque converters, GE alternator and more...

  • Heavy Equipment Parts

    Our wide range of Heavy Equipment Parts includes everything from critical internal components to our durable undercarriage products. The large inventory includes: brake pads, fuel injection parts, seals, pumps, engine components, transmission parts, torque converter parts, frame and body parts, seal kits, mufflers, radiator cores,...

  • Engine Parts

    Florida Engines & Machinery distributes an extensive range of high quality engine components, including Crankshafts, Pistons, Liners, Bearings, Camshafts, Oil Pumps, Heads, Valve Train Components, Oil Coolers, Seals and Gasket Kits, Water Pumps, New and Re-Manufactured Turbochargers, Fuel Injection, Lines, Fuel Pumps, Gauges, Exhaust Systems, and...

  • Hydraulic Applications

    Our broad coverage of quality hydraulic components includes Vane Pumps and Cartridges, Piston Pumps and Rotating Groups, Fixed Gear Pumps, Repair Kits, Valves, Cylinders, Rods, Pistons, Heads, Hydrostatic Pump Applications, Seals and Hydraulic Cylinder Seal kits, and related components....